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Курсы иностранных языков в РМАТ Академия имеет бессрочную лицензию и государственную аккредитацию Обращение ректора РМАТ к поступающим Полвека в сфере профессионального туристского образования Президентский грант Я - ВЫПУСКНИК РМАТ!


Publication: "Accessible, Social and Mass Tourism: Problems and Perspectives of Development in Russia"

Rector of the University Milan-Bicocca congratulated RIAT on its 45th anniversary (Italiano)

Students - volunteers shared their experiences in Kazan



The Russian International Academy for Tourism (RIAT) is the Russian leading educational and research center in the sphere of vocational tourism education of international level certified in accordance with quality standards ISO 9001:2008, a member of the Association of the leading hotel schools in Europe (EURHODIP), a member of UNESCO UNITWIN network and knowledge network of World Tourism organization (UNWTO).

RIAT is a system of continuing professional education in the sphere of tourism and hospitality. It includes training courses, secondary and higher vocational education in the sphere of tourism, international educational programs in cooperation with Italian and French universities, the second degree in tourism, training courses in the field of tourism, professional retraining of the tourism area employees sphere personnel, postgraduate school. Professional tourism education - through the whole life!

Rector: Evgeny Trofimov
President: Igor Zorin 
Founders: Central Council for Tourism and Recreation (Holding). 
License: АА № 001100 from 31.03.2011. 
State Accreditation: АА № 002013 from 25.05.2009.

141420, Moscow region, Khimky city area,
micro district Skhodnya, Oktyabrskaya street, 10; Russia
tel/fax: +7-495-574-23-00, info@rmat.ru
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