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The First Turkish-Russian Conference (Nevsehir, Turkey, May 2-8, 2007)

   The executives of 73 companies took part in the First Turkish-Russian Conference on culture and tourism “My Cappadocia” (the Conference organizers were Cappadocia High School, the Russian International Academy for Tourism, the Russian Tourism Industry Union, Moscow Patriarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church: tour operators from Russia and Turkey, representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Education, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Russian International Academy for Tourism and its partners, the Russian Orthodox Church, the High Cappadocia School, the representatives of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs, the officials of Cappadocia region – governors of Nevsehir and Kaysery regions, mayors of the cities Nevsehir, Kaysery, Mustafapasha, Guiselyurt, Avanosa and also mass media representatives.
   Plenary sessions, business meetings, round – table discussions, seminars, scientific expeditions and researches, scientific-documentary filming about Cappadocia took place during the Conference.

   The participants of the Conference dedicated to the Year of Russia in Turkey and as a prolongation of the first International Forum “Tourism: science and education” events that took place in Russia in April 19-21 pointed out that Cappadocia with its unique nature landscapes and cultural and historical sights recognized by UNESCO as world heritage is of grate value for tourism and should become available and well-known to the mass Russian tourists. Due to the large quantity of early Christianity monuments and sacred places recognized by the Russian Orthodox Church the Cappadocia region is of special value for Russia.

   The Conference proved undoubted success in developing mutually beneficial Russian - Turkish collaboration in sphere of culture and tourism. In this connection the Conference organizers have shown the willingness to support further cooperation in tourism sphere: promotion and adaptation of new Russian and Turkish tourist products, staff and administrative provision of joint tourism projects, scientific-research and educational programs in tourism field.

   The Conference participants came to the agreement about:
 1. Contribute to the creation and development of this tourist destination for Russia.
 2. Estimate a great job made by the company “My Cappadocia Travel” as host tour operator (welcoming the Conference participants, data provision and sightseeing) and saying to be ready to act as one of the leading operators on receiving Russian tourists in Cappadocia. Recommend the company “My Cappadocia Travel” to carry out a diversified tour product elaboration around the Cappadocia region in short terms (sightseeing, religious (Orthodox direction), scientific-expeditionary, rafting, mounting-skiing etc.
 3. In the nearest future undertake necessary efforts at the state and municipal level on effective advertisment of new tourist opportunities of Turkey and Russia. In particular it is advisable to displace accents in promotion of such directions as Istanbul and Cappadocia in Turkey and also large Russian destinations such as Western Siberia, Ural, Altai, the Baikal region, Far East region. In this connection a purposeful preparation of special guidebooks for Russian and Turkish tourists and its edition in the shortest terms are required.
 4. Begin working on Cappadocia direction is expedient in a sheaf with Istanbul, on the one hand, and with trips to Cappadocia from coastal areas of Turkey (« Moscow - Istanbul - Cappadocia », « Moscow - Nevsehir - Moscow » (charter), « Moscow - Nevsehir - Antalya - Moscow ») on the other hand.
 5. Recognize the Russian International Academy of Tourism and Cappadocia High school as leading educational Institutions while realizing the joint scientific - educational, tourism-recreational and cultural - cognitive projects. For this purpose to create the RIAT Chair in Cappadocia High school and Cappadocia High school Chair in the RIAT.
 6. For solving the important problem of overcoming the lack in professionally prepared staff for receiving Russian and Turkish tourists (guides - translators, guides, etc.) and improvement of experts preparation quality at all levels to work in tour operators and travel agencies coordinate activity on development and adaptation of new educational and professional standards especially on the basis of the Federal law « About technical regulation ».
 7. Continue carrying out the Conference one time in two years within the framework of the International Forum « Tourism: science and education». On the Conference results the Memorandum including the mentioned-above positions has been agreed. The memorandum was signed by the Vice-president of the State Douma Russian Federation Committee on economic policy, business and tourism and the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Russian Federation Committee on business in tourism sphere J.Barzykin; the president of the Russian Tourism Industry Union, the chairman of the Commission on tourism, hospitality industry and entertainment for the Russian Union of Industrialists and Businessmen S.Shpilko; the rector of the Russian International Academy of Tourism I.Zorin; the deputy chief of the Moscow patriarchy external relations department of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop Mark (S.Golovkov); the secretary general of Cappadocia higher school Tutorial Board S.Ogan; the member of managing council of the tourist company " My Cappadocia Travel " F.Aktan; the member of managing council of the tourist company " My Cappadocia Travel " A.Korukchu. Besides, the important agreement about the organization of network corporate Chair of practical management in tourism is signed between the Russian International Academy of Tourism and the leading Russian tour operators.

   The principles of continuous improvement of professional tourism education quality in Russia, its approach to the standards of the world level, the necessity of tourism branch experts adaptation to its quickly varying and developing requirements are in basis of the Chair organization. The essence of the agreement consists of the following:
 1. To create on the basis of the Russian International Academy for Tourism the network corporate Chair of practical management in tourism (further – the Chair).
 2. The priorities of the Chair are considered to be the elaboration and the development of practical-guided educational-methodical maintenance (the corporate standard):
 - basic educational programs of tourism profile within the framework of the State educational standards of the third generation in Secondary and Higher professional tourism education;
 - additional educational programs of tourism profile (courses of retraining and improvement of professional skills, trainings, business - seminars, practical works, remote technologies of training etc.).
 3. The basic contingent of trainees on the Chair comprise: - the RIAT students sent on internship and after graduation to the Tour operator structures;
 - the Tour operator staff directed on training including the members of the Tour operator travel agents network;
 - the RIAT teachers searching for improvement of their professional skills.
 4. Training is carried out on the onerous basis within the framework of special triple contracts (RIAT - trainee - Tour operator) regulating financial and organizational relations on education and Chair graduates employment.
 5. Training on the Chair is made by forces of leading Tour operator experts with participation of the RIAT teachers.
 6. The Corporate agreement is open and any interested tour operator can join it under the decision of signers. The corporate agreement was signed by: rector I.Zorin for the Russian International Academy of Tourism; managing director R.Mamedov for the companies " MOSTRAVEL ", Moscow; president V.Loschits for "ASTRAVEL", Moscow; general director A.Chirkov for "AVISTA", Moscow; director N.Karmanova for "TYUMENZARUBEZHTOUR", Tyumen; general director T.Popova for "SOTSZDRAV", Moscow; director S.Avdzhjan for "AUKIZ", Moscow; general director E.Popova for « STARYI GOROD », Moscow; general director O.Sanaeva for "ANKOR", Moscow; first vice-president E.Gusejnov for Open Joint-Stock Company " CCTE " (holding); general director A.Atamanov for Close Joint-Stock Company " KCTE-INTOUR ".

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