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Scientific board 

Specialized Scientific Board
Academy has the Specialized Scientific Board for defending Ph.D. dissertations and assigning scientific degrees at 2 levels- Ph.D. and Full Doctorate levels. In the course of its existence more than 300 dissertations were successfully defended. RIAT provides academic research in the field of professional education development and training for tourism. Academic structure of RIAT includes scientific research centers: RIAT-Russian Academy of Sciences and RIAT-Russian Academy of Education.

RIAT Center for Science and Innovations

RIAT Center for Science and Innovations was created for the elaboration and subsequent facilitation RIAT development program. The development program is a plan of actions the goal of which is to insure that RIAT becomes one of the leading research and educational centers, both within the country and abroad.

The main objective of Center’s activities is widening of innovation activity and improvement of RIAT scientific resources usage based on planning and coordination of research work as well as educational and research staff members and students.

The Center for Science and Innovations is a fundamental tool of RIAT scientific schools development, to promote the generation of new projects in the sphere of innovations in professional education.

Major targets:
• Integration of scientific and educational activities based on various forms of participation of professors, postgraduates, doctoral candidates and RIAT students in research and experimental elaboration;
• Focusing of scientific and innovative activities on priority spheres and trends of science development in RIAT scientific schools;
• Innovative activity development through implementation, development and experimental practice support and informational technologies in the sphere of science;
• Collection, processing and storage of information in research activities of the Academy, creation of unified database of scientific and research results and innovative projects
• Information and analysis support of research activities in the Academy;
• Formalizing and facilitation of applications for contests organized by various scientific foundations.

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